by - Monday, July 11, 2016

I ache today.

Not from yesterday’s impetuous garden work,
A different, deep, enthralling ache from my core.

I long to be with him.

I want to laugh, exchange smile after smile,
Indubitable joy in hewed lines on our faces,
Burrow tight, dancing to phantom music,
Sit in the shade of a summer umbrella,
Touching fingertips, softly embracing possibility.

I want an afternoon of unencumbered bliss.

This yearning so strong,
I can feel my lashes wet with anticipation.

Do I enter his mental palace with equal urgency?
Is this grounds for the sudden stir within me?

Where shall I find reprieve? Can I?

Do I even want to?

Maybe he is nothing…

But maybe he is everything, the solstice awaiting our return... 

Solstice... one-of-a-kind handmade artisan necklace unites 16"of linked antique gold chain with hand flameworked glass beads, summer Art Nouveau maiden Deux-coupage pendant on mother-of-pearl, and a single hand sculpted blooming clay rose. Available for purchase, see listing here.

xoxo - Sonya

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