Brimming burger bowls...

by - Monday, July 04, 2016

So it's fourth of July weekend once again, this splendid summer holiday enjoyed by all Americans. Are we barbecuing? Relaxing on the beach? Catching up with a page-turner under the cool awning on the deck? Planning to catch local fireworks?
None of the above.
Rather, our version of being American this weekend is resanding the paver walk and driveways in an effort to bring back its former glory. Over the course of three days last month I powerwashed everything, and this is the next logical and needed step. Ahhh... The American Dream of home ownership. This city girl has learned how to do so much residing in the suburbs these past seventeen years.
Another thing I have learned is devising new ways to enjoy all American favorites. You see, my doctor has warned me about a possibility of diabetes, especially since my father had it and my latest blood-work yielded a red flag. She advised me to watch the sugar and starch, so whenever I can eliminate bread, though I love it so, I try to make the conversion as interesting as possible.
Take the good old hamburger. In an effort to maximize this classic, I decided to eliminate the bun and re-sculpt the beef into a bowl. Voilà here you have Burger Bowls!

Instead of molding your traditional patties, sculpt bowls in the ground beef after seasoning with your favorite spice blend or a simple sprinkling of salt and pepper. Sometimes, I finely chop up a small onion and blend it in with the meat. These I made with fresh parsley and Hidden Valley Ranch dry seasoning.

The bowls should be at least two inches high on the sides with a deep well so that after cooked, they are substantial enough to hold the savory goodies you will fill in to enjoy. Place them on a foil lined cookie sheet and pop in the oven at 425 F degrees for about 20 - 25 minutes.

You can fill them with whatever you like. I happened to have red and green peppers in the fridge so I sliced both up to use for the stuffing.

I sauteed the two peppers together in a skillet with about a 1/4 cup of barbecue sauce. Now, you can use anything you like - hot sauce if you like it real spicy, Mrs. Dash (my go-to), a splash of steak sauce, traditional salt and pepper, or anything that satisfies your palette. Get creative!

Once the burger bowls were finished, I simply stuffed and smothered them with the peppers in sauce. Yum!

Paired with a simple green tossed salad, this dinner might become a new American classic, brimming burger bowls sure to please the patriot. Happy Fourth of July everyone! xoxo-Sonya

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