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by - Sunday, February 09, 2020

Everywhere I go, the view is filled with hearts, flowers, and candy. Wafting scents of vanilla and warm cocoa comingle from shelves of bright pink and red commanding my attention as I cruise down aisles at the local drug store. It certainly is February, and Valentine's Day is near.

Ever wonder where the heart shape started? Some researchers believe the heart shape originated from plants such as ivy leaves, or the leaves of the water-lily. Others speculate it was modeled according to the shape of breasts, buttocks, or some other parts of the human body.

The first European illustration of a heart comes from around 1255 and is a drawing that accompanies Le Roman De La Poire, a medieval French love poem by Thibaut. The verse tells of a lover who gives away a pear. This was considered to be the original idea denoting a person in love can "give" his or her heart to their beloved. It was a few more decades before the more familiar modern heart symbol appeared.

Hmm... Fruits and hearts, such a delightful liaison, wouldn't you say? Pursuing the internet, I found some heartfelt treats fit for a celebratory feast with your special partner or beloved Galentine. Here are some of my favorites.

This apple rose tart will make your loved one drop their chin! It's not only a piece of art but also absolutely delicious. A crunchy nut crust with sweet apples and maple custard, what else can you want in life? The recipe was designed by Lorena Graeter of Green Healthy Cooking. You can view her video on creating this masterpiece here.

Heart-shaped fruit tarts that are made from scratch - berry tarts with custard cream. You cut the dough with a cookie cutter, place it on an upside-down muffin mold and bake. This is courtesy of Cooking with Manuela. Her recipe for these delights can be found here.

Show off your sweet side with this easy Linzer heart tart made with an almond sugar cookie dough crust that's spread with raspberry jam and topped with heart-shaped sugar cookies. This recipe is from Woman's Day magazine and can be followed on their website.

Pie is homey. It's sweet. It's at its best when at its messiest, when the crust is so flakey, it litters the plate. More than any other dessert, pie expresses tenderness and caring. While this sentiment applies to cake in any shape, for Valentine's Day, these little heart-shaped strawberry hand pies are especially dear. This recipe is from Erin Clarke of Well Plated by Erin.

Isn't this a beauty? This coconut granola tart is a satisfying and delicious blend of rolled oats, almonds, shredded coconut, and cocoa powder. It's deliciously sweet, crunchy, and bursting full of flavor! They are fun to make, and the granola crust is perfect for holding all that yogurt and fresh fruit. Visit Mei's website Nm-meiyee Plant-Based for this and more shared recipes.

And how about a savory take on the classic? This heart-shaped tomato tart is sure to win some affection from your foodie flame! From Anna Berrill, food writer of the UK's Guardian Feast, bookmark or print her recipe from Red Online here.

Before you bake, add a special touch to your pie -- it's the perfect way to personalize any pastry and make it stand out! Take your pies to the next level with beautiful pie crust shapes. This can be done on pies, tarts, or even quiche. All you need is a heart-shaped cutter or a few in different sizes to dazzle with design and devotion.

These savory little mushroom cheddar tarts are a tasty addition to your hor's d' oeuvres tray, or to accompany a green salad for a light dinner. From the bakers at King Arthur Flour, swipe up, down, left and right on their site for more tasty treats to try as well as this one.

It comes as no surprise that pizza was crowned the most popular food on Instagram. It's just as saucy as it is cheesy, it pairs well with Netflix, and it's totally shareable. Those reasons are also why it's a perfect pick for Valentine's Day—especially if it's cooked into a heart shape.

Pecan Chicken with Asparagus Quiche in heart-shaped bowls not only creates a perfect presentation, but the blend of pecans coupled with the chicken is a real winner. From Sweetology Cupcakes and Tea, the recipe can be made mini as pictured or in a classic pie dish for an intimate crowd.

Hearts and tarts - foodie lovers unite! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo-Sonya

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