Zoom into casual with 5 waist-up style hacks...

by - Sunday, April 19, 2020

Okay, I have to admit, I miss wearing stilettos and those perfect fitting jeans, especially worn together tastefully. While I have no problem sitting at home, self-quarantining to stop the spread of COVID-19, I'm starting to get antsy. I really don't find joy in spending my full day in pajamas, though running to Shoprite sans make-up in comfy loafers has been saving some time. With lockdown and loss of income, new financial priorities and balancing family budgets can feel like you're teetering on high heels. Yet women need a quick pick-me-up now and then, despite squeezing wallets of discretionary income and savings, especially at a time like this. All it takes is a little something to make us feel special to spice up the regular clothes calling from the closet.

Since we're still sitting on couches and at kitchen tables with Zoom, the new meeting room, looks need to be comfy and cozy on top of being cute. We'd like to keep our sweatpants in the mix, but also find fun ways to accessorize. And, incorporating a few signature style trends wouldn't hurt, either. Our fashion-loving selves are itching to come up with some smart ideas. We can certainly save a lot of money by focusing on "tabletop dressing."

This is really nothing new. The term tabletop dressing has been around for many years, gaining popularity in the 80's when embellished tops and the inclusion of jeweled sweaters became a standard element for many of the knitwear company collections. Taking the lead from news anchorwomen on TV and even politicians propped behind a desk or podium, they've been concentrating fashion firepower on their top halves for years. Today, we are anchored in front of our laptops and smartphones with the fashion zoomed in from the waist up. Got a meeting to go to? Put on some lip gloss and focus your look on these five waist-up style hacks to maximize the impression you make. Here's how.

1) Make a statement without saying a word. Wear an uplifting graphic tee or embroidered sweater. It doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler, the better. Get to the point.

2) Show some real necklace love by donning a knockout new piece. Are you a statement kinda gal, or are precious classic trinkets more your style? Find it and flaunt it.

3) Show off your listening skills, wearing a pair of jazzy earrings. Big and bold or quiet and classy, you'll be all ears with some stylish ear candy.

4) Scarves are more than just a fashion statement; they are indeed a work of art. Become French for a day and tie a printed neckwear piece to jazz up a white top. Oui, oui!

5) Whether you are typing away at the keyboard or just lifting your third cup of coffee, make it memorable. Spruce yourself up with a stack of unforgettable wristlets.

With the change in workspace accompanied by a very welcomed change in dress code, basically, anything goes. But style is not a one size fits all even in virtual parlays. So, after your coffee and shower, take a minute to tweak your Zoom casual look. It can boost your daily mood and give meaning to your work. xoxo-Sonya

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