by - Monday, February 27, 2017

Over the years, many people have enlisted my help to create cherished memories for events celebrating special milestones. From birthdays, weddings, b'nai mitzvah, corporate affairs and fundraisers, unique ingenuity is key. Every occasion is exclusive, affording an utmost attention to creative details, delighting one and all because I believe a little something makes all the difference. ®

Take a peek at the gallery of my creative designs...

Bat Mitzvah celebrations - Custom logo design for event sweatshirt favors

Personalized photo-reel centerpieces with theme sugar cookies

Bat Mitzvah celebrations - Oversized theme photo board

Bat Mitzvah celebrations - Unique Wish Frame guest memento

Bat Mitzvah celebrations - Large theme photo boards

Photo collage bucket centerpieces with exotic tropical foliage

Birthday Parties - custom printed & constructed party favor take-out boxes with charms

Weddings - Personalized ceremony programs with metallic embossed monogram and raffia

Sparked by love of a little something different, another themed event included an elaborate Steampunk party, guests in full costume attendance. With so many ideas still dancing in my head, I look forward to many more milestones... opportunities to express my creative spirit with all!

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