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by - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hosting A Taste of Pascack Valley Theatre for Brenna's high school program next week at the River Vale Country Club, we are amid a flurry of last minute calls, emails, cellophane and bows! A wonderful affair of delicious food, entertainment and prizes will satisfy guests with a great evening while they show their support for the arts. But to host such an event, there is much that goes on behind the scenes. As part of a terrific team for this upcoming inaugural fundraiser, I volunteered to create the evening's decor, promising rich creative spirit with prudence. You know I love a creative challenge.
With school colors of black, white and green, let's add a touch of brushed gold. Black feathers, comedy / tragedy masks, sheet music, patterned vases and roses began the creative process.

After some online research, I compiled a theme board to get the ball rolling. Then I sketched out a basic idea of what I had in mind. Shying away from anything too costly like real flowers, how about making our very own out of actual sheet music and maybe even old scripts from the shows that graced the stage?

So I started making six paper flowers a night, cutting and rolling former Playbill pages and sheet music from their upcoming Cabaret show. Total needed = six dozen. Outlined in black, glued to clipped wire hangars and then sprayed with some gold glitter, the "stardust" making it fun and festive. 

For the petite cafe table arrangements, the green feathers serve as leaves for the roses.

 Mirrored bases were sprayed with black in a variation of a Greek floral motif.

Plastic cups with numbered labels for the gift packaged prizes in the Tricky Tray. We've got lots of those!

Blank craft masks first appliqued with lace for texture, then painted in white and green to mirror the image of the event logo.

The paper roses will be nestled among fronds of long black ostrich feathers in the tall vases.

Donated tall glass vases are lined with removable spray-painted paper sheets in a black and gold stenciled Greek floral so they can be reused afterwards.

Tuesday is less than a week away and I need to get back to these pieces. The minute details and touch-ups still need to be carefully completed. Setting the stage for any event takes planning, preparation and some creative magic. You will have to check back to see the finished products - I will take lots of pictures at the venue after they are all assembled. Or, if you are in the River Vale area, come on over to see them in person, have some tasty tidbits from these fabulous local restaurants and try your luck in the raffles! Tickets are still available. It's gonna be a great night! xoxo-Sonya

UPDATE 3-10-14:
As promised, here are pictures from the finished decor I set up that afternoon before the evening event...


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