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by - Monday, October 03, 2016

One kind word can warm three winter months. ~ Japanese saying

Saving all sorts of cards, stickers, antique die-cuts, and fancy paper, my craft closet is rich in ephemera. A shiny floral heart, witty word, scrap of wallpaper, colorful birds, all fragments collected over the years, too precious to toss, await another chance for esteem. Maybe I will use them in one of our many scrapbooks, but much of the lot will be carefully considered for tokens I personally make to give away...

I created Take Heart Tokens ® to mingle souls. Each colorful card is made with lots of love... Hand-cut embossed stock is detailed with sentiments and photos printed on fabric to enhance their charm and ornamentation. I like to leave the page blank inside so they can be personalized with a special thought for someone.

Detailed, delicate and different,.. My close friends always received handmade cards, because they were really part of the gift. Each year our annual Christmas card is carefully planned using bits in the biggest troves collected! But I always have some Take Heart Tokens on hand. They are available individually or in sets of three in the showroom for purchase, so when the stock is depleted, it's time to make a few moreCustom order gift packages always include a Take Heart Token for the recipient.

The whimsical mix of elements make each one special, unlike typical store-bought cards that come in multiples. Give a cheerful note to a girlfriend, a sincere thank you, or celebrate an anniversary remembrance with these via snail mail. It really is quickly becoming a lost art amid all the virtual correspondence.

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much. ~ Blaise Pascal

Many of the images I print on the muslin are photographs taken during our trips to The New York Botanical Garden or just from our own backyard. I really love to mix things up!

Touches of gold are cropped and clipped, or applied in charming accents.

Nothing is wasted... Even discards are used as neatly sliced borders of pattern to frame.

A fragment of wallpaper, printed muslin swatch, embossed bouquet of flowers and jeweled sticker all add depth, layering one atop the next.

Take Heart Tokens ® are perfect for any occasion. I often make custom cards and invitations to order for special events or as a personalized thank you when correspondence calls for a little something special.

Someone will always appreciate a gracious token, a little something showing you care... xoxo- Sonya

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