Vision boards 101

by - Friday, January 01, 2021

Here we are, stepping one cautious foot into the doorway of 2021. We hold on to hopes, we still have fears, and we desire something fresh and exciting to cancel the worry and angst of 2020. Presents were wrapped and received (at least those that managed to arrive on time), so now give a gift to yourself. How do you want to feel this year? What do you really want? Close your eyes, and honestly think about it for a bit.

I am going to share a fun and inspiring soulful craft project. So first, set the mood - turn off your phone, clear your space, light a candle. I want you to embark on a journey into yourself, with yourself. I promise this will be fun, especially for that inner child inside who wants to play. Oh, and turn on some relaxing music, maybe pour a glass of wine, or brew your favorite tea. Get comfortable.

We are going to create a vision board. Let me show you how.

A vision board is a collage of images and affirmations designed by the creator to serve as a personal source of inspiration and motivation. It is a tool used to help clarify goals and concentrate coherently on what truly matters to you. The pictures, words, and clips are assembled, representing whatever you want it to be. Does a vision board work? The simple answer is yes, but on one essential condition - your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things you want

Vision boards can be assembled in many ways - on simple poster board, creatively as a mobile of clips, or framed on a designated corkboard. As the designer, you decide. If you have an active account on Pinterest, you may be questioning the need to physically cut and paste. Let me tell you that it has been a proven fact that when you physically create something tangible - a handwritten list, thoughtful doodle, etc. - it actively creates a spark in your brain to fire neurons into action. It leads to increased brainpower, organization, memory, sharpness, and articulation. With the pandemic precautions still hovering above our heads like a black cloud, remaining inside crafting a bit of soul art is cathartic. While virtual pinning has organizational benefits, the longevity of a material craft benefits beyond the moment. We must be present with intention.

There are a few items needed to create a vision board, but only one primary rule is that there aren't any rules! No matter how hard you try, you cannot mess this up.

First, you need to grab a pad of paper and a pencil. Write down your goals in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth (including spirituality, social life, education), and health. This is your starting point that triggers your mind to search for bits that feel right.

Next, you'll need a base to assemble your assortment. Deciding on a size will determine this. If you want to make it big, use a sheet of poster board, foam-core board, or corkboard. I like to create my vision boards on a small scale because I tuck them into my daily planner, surely to be viewed every day. In this case, I use a decorative file folder, cut it to fit the A5 size, and punch holes, so it slips easily into my binder.

Scissors, pins, tape or a glue-stick will be used in putting your board together. I use double-sided tape. If embellishments make you feel great, collect fun markers, stickers, stamps, or anything else you can think of to deck out your board. Just go for it!

Where to get images? Magazines, catalogs (yes, these have LOADS of terrific bits to incorporate), and revisit those Pinterest boards too. Simply download choice images from Pinterest to your computer or phone and print them from your home printer. The sole purpose is to represent feelings you want to experience, quotes of those goals and ambitions, images of places you want to go, reminders of events, people, postcards from friends, and just about anything that will inspire your personal affirmations. You want to bring everything on this board into your life in one way or another. The point is to make this something special you will want to look at and admire each day.

How long this activity takes is entirely up to you. Again, there isn't a hard and fast rule. You can complete it in a stress-free hour or two or over a couple of days. If you're a social butterfly, invite a few friends over a Zoom call and make a party out of it. I will bet everyone will become more focused and less stressed afterward, especially if wine is involved!

After I assemble and tape all the images in place, including a snapped photo of a meaningful tarot or oracle card reading, I like to write a few keywords in my own handwriting from my mission to fill in the blank spots. This adds an even stronger personal stamp to my vision board and solidifies subliminal motivation.

This is all about you, meant for your eyes, your heart, your mind. Be brave and experimental. Find exciting images that captivate that deeper desire. Dream big. Have fun! Allow and invite magic into your life. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe even more.

Visions boards 101 - try it and see for yourself... xoxo-Sonya

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