Peace, Love, Rescue...

by - Friday, October 20, 2017

Kit is a rescue. 

We will always remember the day he scurried into our garage, a tiny grey sidekick to his smokey long-haired mama, shy but curious. That was the first and last time we saw his mom, as if she came with him to approve of the destined home. Brenna began to feed him in the back yard, then the garage, even setting up a cardboard box bed, blanket and all, so she could entice him to linger while she read him a bedtime story. She had to be quick for he was skittish, but as the temperature dipped, we coaxed him to finally eat with us in the kitchen. 

That was eleven years ago when he became part of our family.

In middle school, Brenna became active with community service. She chose to work for a local rescue organization, Caring About The Strays or C.A.T.S. at their Westwood thrift shop marrying her love of animals with retail experience. She volunteered for many years until time constraints delegated her responsibilities. Continuing to donate to the organization, this year I offered help with their annual fundraiser, a dinner and tricky tray auction.

Since the organization is run by volunteers, it is natural for some to leave and pass the torch to newbies. When the organizer for the event sent out an email plea for help, I stepped up and took over the entire tricky tray portion. Yes, this was a huge undertaking, but my experience with past fundraisers made me the perfect candidate to wrap it all up.

People have been unbelievably generous to C.A.T.S. Donations have been pouring in from restaurant gift certificates and Broadway show tickets to week-long vacations and Christian Dior merchandise. My job was to coordinate items according to themes, creating prizes worth a second or even a third look, with hopes of excited guests exclaiming, "There are so many prizes to choose from, I need to buy more tricky tray tickets!"

There are four prize value levels - yellow, red, orange and green. Getting creative with names for each basket, I based some on color, like Mellow Yellow for a tote bag, scarf and candle set, or Sable and Silver to hint at the contents. Each guest will receive a welcome packet including a program, full listing of prizes AND ten free yellow tickets to get started.

One of my favorites is this Downton Abbey higher tier prize. Not only will the winner receive the complete series DVD, but a bevvy of goodies including a vintage teapot, tray, silver candlesticks and tapers all tucked into the wicker hamper, as well as a gift certificate for a local tearoom. 

We amassed a total of 243 prize baskets! Assembling and wrapping every one was a job I started back in June, and all the finished baskets sat quietly in various rooms of my home until we rented storage to warehouse them for the October 23rd event. Monday will be a full-day flurry of SUVs and friends offering service for love of our furry folks.

Each and every person involved in this mission is a really a life saver. Whether a foster home, shop helper, driver or financial supporter, joined forces champion change. 
Peace, love, rescue... xoxo-Sonya

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