Tied with a bow...

by - Monday, November 21, 2016

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. ~ L. O. Baird

It all started in high school... tiny rattan baskets filled with scented sachets. My friends really adored them, and I began to make the contents more elaborate each holiday - embroidered pillows, personalized frames, and lots more. The gift packages made a lasting impression, and little did I know how much this would become part of my entrepreneurial endeavor today. I still make them to order, bigger, bolder, personalized for any occasion. 
A little something...® is the perfect gift package featuring a cozy assortment of goodies expressing your thoughts and creating a mood to stimulate the senses. I often fill corporate or personal gift giving needs with supreme attention to detail, made to suit any budget. All specially designed gifts are bundled in a choice of traditional basket, leatherette, wood or antique pannier containing a selection of gourmet home-baked goods, themed items or any combination you desire. Themed packages are a lot of fun to design because once my creativity is flowing, the result is always very unique.

A little something...® gift packages appeal to all the senses... 

Taste gourmet home-baked Almond, Anisette, or Coconut Biscotti, Gourmet Pretzel Picks and Epicurean Sweets paired with your choice of dessert wine, coffee or tea. Upon request, I have also included seasonal baked items in a ceramic ramekin to blend flavors even further.

Wine packages include Craquelins de Fromage, my signature home-baked cheese crackers.

Indulge with an infusion of scented toiletries, including mineral bath soak, beauty bar, a natural loofah sponge and soy candle. I love to pour the simple scented soy in unexpected antique painted sherry glasses or crystal water goblets.

Keep in touch with elegantly wrapped Take Heart Tokens ® and a vintage bound notebook. 

Endless ideas fill packages with an abundance of coordinated items. For a baby gift, padded hangers, picture frame and keepsakes become a festive Welcome Home for a new family addition.

A Magic Art Box is filled to the brim with art supplies for a young creative spirit.

A handmade Wish Pillow is accompanied by a lovely picture frame and Instagram album to keep memories in sight. Include an instrumental CD to complement any gift with soothing sounds.

As always, shipping is available anywhere in the US; charges vary depending on destination and choice of delivery service.

The perfect gift package is always tied with a bow... xoxo - Sonya

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