Wish pillows...

by - Sunday, December 04, 2016

Make a wish, then tuck it in tight... Just believe and it will be in sight! ™ 

With drawers full of beautiful fabric scraps, what to do with such wealth? Make an assortment of endearing novelties! My signature Wish Pillows ® are pretty puffed pillows of fresh fibers in tapestry, print, or embroidery. A single patchwork pocket ingeniously sized to contain a purchased gift card is trimmed with a pewter Believe charm. Three parchment Wish sheets printed with a crescent moon and stars are neatly tucked inside to grant the recipient's requests. Each pillow is a petite seven inch square. 

Some of the biggest gifts come in a smaller size, wouldn't you agree?

These are delightful additions to themed gift packages, going away mementos for teens off to college, or a little something thoughtful for the person who has just about everything. With such a variety of materials, it is easy to choose a coordinating fit in color and character.

Wish pillows... Ask, believe, receive... xoxo-Sonya

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