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by - Monday, June 26, 2017

The walls were stark white but angled, curved, involving some interest in shape with specific spacial relationship. Platforms set above and in front, enclaves carved, each turn along the path urging focused attention. It was the perfect canvas for the latest Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit by avant-garde designer of the Comme des Garcons label, Rei Kawakubo

The Art of the In-Between is a contemplative show, encouraging reflective interpretation of fashions encountered, all a paradox of form in duality of social and cultural concept. Self / Other, Then / Now, Beautiful / Grotesque and War / Peace are all abstract yet concise, leading to meaningful connections and discussion.

My clothes and the spaces they inhabit are inseparable - they are one and the same. They convey the same vision, the same message, and the same sense of values. ~ Rei Kawakubo

I want to rethink the body, so the body and the dress become one.

Things that have never been seen before have a tendency to be somewhat abstract, but making art is not my intention at all. All my effort is oriented towards giving form to clothes that have never been seen before.

Fashion is not art. You sell art to one person. Fashion comes in a series and it is a more social phenomenon.

From the beginning, I dispensed with any preconceived notions about Western and Eastern social mores and cultures, as all these things are irrelevant to my world... I deliberately cast away all questions of upbringing, nationality, sociology and the like.

The entire show purposely defies classification. It is the discretion of the viewer to arrive at their own conclusions about the art of the in-between. On display until September 4th... xoxo-Sonya

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