Length does matter...

by - Friday, June 16, 2017

Whenever creating a new necklace, I like to let the individual style of the developing piece dictate the length. Some larger pendants are solo stars best on a long chain, while other clusters of concentrated color and shape sit pretty at the base of the neck.

There is a guide of common lengths to keep in mind during the process though. In my illustration here, the shortest 14" and 16" are commonly closest to being a choker. Various lengths hit the front of the body either above or below the bust-line, none absolutely at the apex so the necklace can sit properly on the wearer.

This shorter Fringe Benefit necklace is an in-between length at 17".

Aquarelle is longer linked beads at 27" with the pendant an additional 2" in diameter.

One of my newest pieces, Elysian, commands a copper chain, longest at 34".

No matter what anyone says, when sporting the perfect jewelry for an outfit of the day, length does matter... xoxo-Sonya

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