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by - Saturday, June 10, 2017

Deja vu... Up until a few days ago, I believed one of the only places in the world to showcase an amazing, zany and creative collection of eccentric art was in Barcelona, Spain. We experienced the extensive work of Antoni Gaudí on our honeymoon. Little did I know we have our own virtuoso right here in New Jersey. 

Filled with the work of one man, the museum and grounds encompassing a myriad of mediums, color, form, shape and style, Luna Parc is a masterpiece that needs to be experienced first hand to fully appreciate. The personal home of "madcap artist" Ricky Boscarino, Luna Parc is open to the public on limited days twice a year. The stars aligned and we were fortunate to uncover his magic this week. I will try to do it justice with a sampling of photos from the trip.

Ricky is well versed in numerous artistic mediums, examples on display from the moment you embark on the path to the main house. Unique metal-smith signs adorn the grounds, directing and delighting.

The museum is a colorful collage of mosaic, sculpture, and carpentry, all confirmation of the artistic lineage Ricky was born into and continues to perpetuate.

The house was originally purchased in 1989, a dilapidated hunting cabin in the woods (see the photo above). Ricky was only twenty-eight back then, and despite not having any set plan for the building, he allowed inspiration and creativity to guide his vision. Today, the private house is deemed The Museum of Alchemy and grounds an evolving sculpture park.

Mosaic can be found everywhere in the house, especially the heavily adorned bathroom on the main floor. Every inch is covered with color, shape, ceramic and whimsy on each wall.

I absolutely love the floor! Such perfection in color and pattern in the imperfection.

Stairs leading up to the next level are carefully crafted risers with a variety of wooden rulers. 

The hall of hats from different cultures and time sits quietly behind glass.

The zen room is tranquil and inviting with a multitude of floor pillows. Grab a spot and relax while admiring the lush view of the grounds from the enormous circle window.

A typical wall in one of the neighboring rooms... That certainly is a lot of wine!

Here, a colorful mosaic wall in the Cantina where Ricky's sculpture and paintings are on display for purchase.

Another cozy nook in the library. Peppered amid other wall art, you will find personal pictures of Ricky in many of the rooms. Notice the baby photos on the wall to the right of the triangle window.

Though we began the tour from the back of the house through the kitchen, we found the front vestibule and large red door with calming mudra hands.

In the back of the property where you can find his jewelry workshop, there is also a tiny Chapel of the Saints. Did you know Ricky was also a minister? During our visit, I overheard a couple recalling the day they were wed on the property. The couple make a pilgrimage to Luna Parc every year to commemorate that special time.

Dozens of antique crutches are used to create a fence in front to the chapel in memory of Ricky's grandfather who witnessed the miracle of healing a young crippled boy on the feast day of patron saint San Biaggio. Ricky's grandfather often cried at the recollection of the story since it happened in their family's native home in Italy.

Open house visiting days are usually three days during the week (no weekends) in spring and in the fall. If you are lucky enough to live close, there are a number of workshops run by the Luna Parc Atelier Foundation in weaving, paper collage, tile-making, basketry and even fermentation. Yes, you can learn  to make your own tasty kraut and kimchi!

We need more artistic vision kept alive as beheld in Luna Parc... xoxo-Sonya

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