Wrapped and ready...

by - Sunday, December 11, 2016

Once I run out of wrapping paper and ribbon, the question is whether or not to buy more. Of course at holiday time as long as gifts will be delivered, there will be a need to package them pretty. But traditional wrapping paper and trimming can be replaced with inventive alternatives creating festive suites of decoration from recycled richness.

Let's Go...
With Waze and Google Maps on our Smart phones, the folded state map in the glove compartment has become obsolete. Salvaging those old maps and a USA road atlas, various sized gifts can easily be accommodated. A yard of printed remnant fabric is ready to be converted as well. Ripped in strips on the lengthwise grain, a novelty ribbon is born.

To accessorize the travel theme, vintage postcards are cut to create gift tags, and old postage stamps nestled in ribbon become a whimsical focal on tiny packages. Lucky for me to have the red and white print, so easy to add a striped candy cane in the mix for additional pattern play.

In the House...
Whenever I come across a fabulous roll of stray wallpaper or lively border in a thrift store, I snatch it up for a fraction of the original price. The paper quality is prime, and the colorful patterning rich. And what about those free paint chips collected from your neighborhood Home Depot? Match colors and use them to create gift tags! I have a circle punch to make the tags round.

Since the patterns on the wallpaper borders are so intricate, I ripped strips of ivory cotton muslin to use for ribbon. With the paper, a single carefully cut snowflake tops the package with a fresh dusting.

When ripping the strips of fabric, it is a good idea to press them with a hot iron and roll the yardage on cardboard so it stays neat and ready to use anytime. Twisting the soft muslin strips, rosettes can easily be sculpted to sit pretty atop a box. 

Gift style is recycled, wrapped and ready... xoxo-Sonya

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