Shoulder season...

by - Monday, May 22, 2017

If you only update your summer wardrobe with one item this year, make it dramatic.

What piece? The choice is simple. The number one trend to consistently grace the 2017 catwalks showcase shape and form. From cut-outs to ruffles and even a return of the infamous pad, focus is definitely on the shoulder.

Fabric selections run the gamut in everything from chambray to body con stretch. Menswear pleating, multi layered ruffles, and a single spaghetti strap adorns one shoulder for striking summer style.

Fancy shoulders are striped, tied in bows, ruffled and draped, delivering a fresh sexy sophistication to the mix. All emphasis remains on top, decollete in the spotlight.

Are we still in the 80's? Not quite. Shoulder pads have returned but add sculptured shape, further enhanced by tucked and gathered sleeve caps for drama. Shoulders bear all the weight in jackets and blouses with retro-futuristic cuts, broadening style-sight to remain in the limelight.

Yes, it is unquestionably shoulder season. Perfect framework for a little something unique to adorn...

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