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by - Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One of my favorite publications to read cover to cover is Victoria Magazine. Actually, I not only read it, I savor each and every page, usually while sipping a hot cup of tea. The engaging photography, articles about enterprising women, and their unique gifts shared with the world enthralls me every other month. As a subscriber since it began in the late 80's, I cannot count how many tear sheets I still have in my library of inspiration. Yes, this is what all us creative folks did before Pinterest! I have a shelf of binders filled with magic next to my desk.

There is a portion of the magazine which asks readers to submit letters for considered publication based on creative prompts in their aptly named Reader to Reader section. Over the years I have submitted several pieces, but this time around, fortunate to have my article selected to grace lucky page thirteen of the January / February 2017 issue! Glad to be home alone when I read the email, I literally jumped up and danced around the kitchen when I received notice. This is such an honor for me. Let me share the experience with all of you here...
~‘Tis the season to pull off the ivory cotton slipcovers and get reacquainted with the weathered denim sofa and warm brown suede chairs in the family room. All the cushions get their seasonal makeover too, as we cover the lively batik florals with patchwork shams. The crochet-square throw resumes its spot on the chair closest to the fireplace, preparing the favorite napping spot for our cat Kit in the colder months ahead. The adjoining kitchen sheers and patio door panels are all replaced  with a rich paisley pattern, swirling colors of crimson and toffee. The handmade birch bark candle holders are pulled out of storage and grace the coffee table, while quilted place mats in plaid set a cozy counter for our weeknight dinners. I love to keep the windows open just a crack and let that crisp air whistle into the rooms, enough to encourage couch cuddles. Now we are ready for the falling snow, the flowing hot cocoa, and ladles full of my signature sweet potato soup.~
What a great way to usher in a brand new year! As one reader to another, wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous 2017! xoxo-Sonya

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