Dinner on deck...

by - Monday, July 25, 2016

Sure is hot out there... 
Even with the awning cranked open covering the deck, the sun is mighty strong and you can feel heat underneath permeate from the seat cushion. Kit loves the deck especially with the shade, but on a day like today, our cat is sheltered under barberry bushes across the yard lounging on the cool earth.
Meals have to be quick and easy, fresh and light. We love flatbread pizza. It's crispy, savory and satisfying, fast to prep and done in about fifteen minutes from oven to table. With ready made lavash bread from Trader Joe's, the crust is all ready to go to make this in a jiffy.

If you have homemade sauce, how lucky! If not, just get a jar of your favorite and spread an even layer on each flatbread just shy of the edges. Those I brush with olive oil so they brown to create a crispy crust. Sprinkle fresh mozzarella cheese in generous shreds, give a little shake of Mrs. Dash Italian blend all over, and I love to add chopped fresh basil for fragrance and flavor. Bake in the oven at 425 degrees F. In those fifteen minutes you can chop up some summer salad.

Yum! The cracker-thin crust lets you indulge in the pizza experience without the overloaded carb commitment. Paired with arugula and cucumber in a light balsamic vinaigrette, pour some mineral water or a refreshing fruit shrub, and this dinner on deck is delish! 
Stay cool this week my friends, and treat yourself to some light at-home fare... 

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