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by - Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Things aren't like they used to be... I sound just like my mother.

Starting out in the industry over twenty five years ago, I learned fashion's directive was primarily Europe. We would anxiously await publications to print photos from the runway shows so we could devour the trends and apply them to our line, targeting customers hoping our translations would equal lofty sales. Relying on report services to provide color direction forecasting several seasons ahead, trade shows filled the gaps with displays of new fabrics, knits, accessories and services from international mills, all generating a buzz. Premiere Vision, hosted in multiple countries annually, hit New York January 19th and 20th at Pier 94.

Today, in the dawn of image-driven sites Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, trends upload to the internet even before they hit the catwalks and are shared like wildfire. Mixing messages of street fashion with newer tenancies, people are creating their own style these days. I really love the freedom of scrolling through the seemingly endless pictures from the global runways and color combinations conferred. While many of the macrotrends we have seen currently link many seasons in a common thread, it is the microtrends that cause a creator to sit up and take notice, igniting a spark to personalize looks. Overlapping moods and movements bring into play a multitude of original renditions, literally something for everyone.

Consequently when big shows are in town like Premiere Vision, Printsource or the upcoming Spin Expo, some of the hype has already been sedated, especially if you're like me and do your homework online beforehand. Researching colors can be found in numerous images just by defining and refining search words. The thrill of the hunt is fostered online. Smaller companies have been able to use this to their advantage, jumping on trends as they happen, able to bring immediate product without the wait. When Pantone released their color of the year in December, a blend of two colors, many manufacturers put this combination right now on their lines for Spring 2016. Up-to-the-moment opportunity abounds with adequate means.
Premiere Vision NY color banners displayed in the lounge area reflected the advanced trends for Spring 2017, as most large companies plan their collections and program typically well in advance of a year. What is most beautiful and inspiring at shows like this is the tactile... swatches of new fiber blends, engineered lace, bits of rubberized trims and embossed leather. Seeing original artwork and how individual companies interpret the same information brings to life eye candy for fellow creators as a shared visual feast. My favorite part of this Premiere Vision NY show was the Denim and Couture Exhibit. Innovative and interesting treatments gave freshness to the classic mainstay fabric. Ruffles and ballooned engineering, copper and metallic brushstroke prints, manipulated fabric cuts twisted and laced, washed pleats with faded-edge folds all provided an ultra-modern twist.

Yes, things certainly aren't like they used to be, and many things just can't be found on the internet. They need to be experienced in person.
Premiere vision...A first vision into fashion's future... xoxo-Sonya

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