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by - Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Silk painting, bleach dyeing, heat transfer, stenciling, the list goes on and I've done it all, willing to try anything new and exciting. This true craft aficionado checks Pinterest daily for a seemingly boundless source of inspiration and then some. While this particular idea has been around, my experience with household permanent markers has been limited to gracing garage sale posters and lettering many of my daughter's elementary school projects.
Behold the power of the mighty Sharpie.
I purchased a complete set of colored markers from A.C. Moore (with a handy 40% off coupon in the weekly paper) and the isopropyl alcohol is always a staple in our medicine cabinet. I just grabbed a t-shirt already in the works, a paintbrsh, and got busy!

First, I took a dolman t-shirt I had originally stenciled with an animal pattern (in fabric paint) and added a couple of tropical flowers with the Sharpie markers. I just sketched them freehand on the front of the top, off center for an interesting pattern placement.

Now comes the fun part. After finishing the floral with some greenery, I added alcohol by brushing it over the Sharpie areas to make the colors bleed into one another. Watching this was just like painting a watercolor floral, all the lines disappear together in pools of pretty color.
That's it folks! Pretty simple and straightforward with plenty of possibility. Since the Sharpie markers are permanent, the garment can be laundered like anything else, though I wash stuff like this on cold and gentle.

Pretty sharp, huh? So go ahead, gather the girlfriends, grab a shirt, a Sharpie and maybe some Sangria for your own girls-night-in painting party. Don't forget the alcohol... xoxo-Sonya

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