Got gifts?

by - Sunday, November 24, 2013

What do you really need?
What do you really want?
What will you actually give this year?
At a stage in life when you really don't need anything but want something cool while deciding what to give those hard-to-buy-for on your list, where do you start? I spent a bit of time thinking and researching some ideas to share. Some of these might appeal to you or perhaps spark an idea for something else. I'll present my Top Ten Gifts for 2013 and let you decide. What about a little something for...

1) The Foodie... Robert came home with one of the most divine jars of jam from a coworker, and once we opened it, we were hooked! In need of replenishment and curious to try some more, I discovered The Jam Stand, a two-woman operation, creates these most delicious, clever flavors using local ingredients, made with love in New York. They believe "packaged food doesn’t have to mean processed food" and I can tell you we tried them all. The Sweet WINO-nion is divine on a burger with melted cheddar. You will not be disappointed with your selection and the shipping is quick and hassle-free.

2) The Nature-Lover... There are many birdseed ornament versions out there to make yourself, but who has the time? Besides, these are adorable and make a perfect gift! From The Gardener's Supply Company, a box of these birdseed pears makes a lovely presentation and will keep the flying friends happy. These might even attract some newcomers to the neighborhood!

3) The Modern Host / Hostess... Everyone gathers around the drinks. You pick up a glass of wine, meander to another room to find your partner and place your drink on the table to get a fresh plate of food. But when you return, there are three more glasses of red wine in the same vicinity and you can't remember which belongs to who. What to do? Give your gracious host these cool and colorful Stemmarkers from the Museum of Modern Art Store. Instead of the jingling beaded ones that eventually break apart, this clever design is made of a pliable foam that hugs the stem or rim, lightweight and smart.

4) The Decorator... Deck the halls, the walls, the front door, and oh, the tree too! Anthropologie has the most adorable ornaments to give someone who fancies tradition. Those who appreciate hand crafted charm will love these adorable additions and so will their little ones! Choose from the alphabet for a more personalized gift, or animals, as well as dancers. A little touch of kitsch and loving-hands-at-home can become something treasured for years to come.

5) The Keeper of Memories... In just an hour, you can take those digital photos on your tablet or laptop and make them into a beautiful book for a grandparent or best friend. One way is through Blurb who provides the down-loadable software free and all you do is pick a layout and fill in the digital memories.

Or if you are an Apple customer, holiday gifts are made in a snap with Print Products for iOS by simply "tap, tap, publish" for something truly original and memorable from your iPhone or iPad. 

6) The Beverage Bud... A nice cold beer or a cool glass of wine - no ice! But it would be nice if it stayed cold... Well Rox figured this out and voila, the Eternal Ice Cubes were created. These are great for coffee, beer, wine, or spirits, or any drink kept cold without the dilution dilemma. 

7) The Party Pal... Could we just get away from the video game controller and work on our people skills for awhile PLUS have a great laugh? Reverse Charades will have the gang in stitches from beginning to end. Great for the office party, kids' get-together or just a great night in with some fun friends. This game is good for your health, you'll be laughing so much! And wouldn't you want to share the love with a good laugh this holiday season?

8) The Device Diva / Dude... Baby, it's cold outside, but I have to send that text. I must admit it is frustrating to use your touch-screen device in the cold with frosty unprotected fingers. But we've got an "app" for that! North Face has the solution - E-tip Gloves will keep your hands warm while you scroll through Tumbler. Now this is definitely something to Tweet about!

9) The Movers and Shakers... Well, isn't just about everyone on your list on the go? Whether it's a cell, tablet or IPhone, it is very inconvenient when the battery dies out, especially when you are in the middle of something. No need to worry if you have one of these portable chargers, though. Choose a preferred color or pattern (let's stay stylish while we're at it!) to throw in a purse or pocket, ready for the moment you need a boost.

10) The Challenge... Okay, sometimes the best gift of all comes in one color, one size, accepted by all - cash. But with a little bit of creativity, the presentation becomes part of the gift. From Tip Junkie, they show many interesting ways to gift bills other than just passing the money envelope. Yes, you need a bit of patience with some of the projects, but it might be worth the effort. Or just take a look at the examples to spark some other creative presents of your own.

Well, that wraps it up, folks... So now, you've got gifts... ideas to get you going if you haven't started yet, or if you want to get yourself something special this time around. Good luck to all and have fun! xoxo-Sonya

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