From dark to dapper...

by - Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plans, colors and sketches of ideas
It has been a month down here... 
A little bit everyday to gradually transform our dark and dated basement to dapper and designer. My shoulder and back still hurt from all the painting, but it was definitely worth it! This last house project I vowed to accomplish is almost near completion. Just a few more posters on order need to arrive so I can frame them to hang on the freshly painted walls. It all started with a well calculated plan for our new recreation room...
The space before...
1) Paint this out-dated dark walnut color paneling to brighten the space. Priming and sealing the drop ceiling first, then coating the walls with primer and Creamy Mushroom paint and primer... Yep, a lot of paint!
2) All the dark trim disappeared under coats of hi-gloss Navajo White, with many of the baseboards and corner moldings to be replaced, mitered and cut to fit anew.
More of the basement before...
3) Purge whatever items we couldn't recycle for the new space into the garage for the next sale or to be donated to Goodwill. The leather sofa and kidney shaped table were relocated to the center of the space. The two gold side tables got a face lift with some matte black spray paint.
After... Fresh and dapper... The movie posters still need to be hung up to fill the walls with shots of vibrant color.
After... The space just opened up with soft neutral Creamy Mushroom.
4) Move Brenna's original twin size bed mattress and box-spring downstairs, create a cover and throw cushions for this new "sofa" which we are using as additional seating in the theater / gaming area.
Yes, this is a twin size mattress and box-spring under a fuzzy stretch cover made of two throws. I made two-sided cushions for both couches too.
5) The stationary bar needed new stools (I created a desk for myself in the office by recycling the old ones!) and mirrors to add depth and panache to the cleaned up area. 
Before... The bar area is dark and dated...
After... With light walls and new stools (from Christmas Tree Shop), it's time for a drink.
A new home for these 1979 Charlie Chaplin prints my mom purchased at Two Guys.
So much of the original artwork we already had will find its way back to the walls as well as new movie posters and memorabilia to fit the theme. The last item we have yet to purchase is our very first big screen TV which will complete the scene for some serious gaming and late night movies.
I thank God I was granted the strength to finish this project. It was certainly the biggest one to date for me and as always, taught me how to budget time and physical ability...
Now that the rec room went from dark to dapper, I'm ready to grab the popcorn and relax, sink into the sofa watching a real good movie with Robert and Brenna... xoxo-Sonya

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