Color me beautiful...

by - Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our eyes are the windows through which we experience the world... our own unique view of everything around us. With acute awareness of how color can dramatically affect one's mood, inner feelings and emotions, artists and interior designers use color as a powerful means of communication. Personal perceptions about color are often rooted in one's own experience or cultural environment, yielding a response of your surroundings. Color can cause physiological reactions by raising blood pressure, triggering melancholy or even increasing metabolism. 
So, what is color?
Isaac Newton discovered in 1666 as pure white light passed through a prism, it separated into all of the visible colors. Each color is made up of a single wavelength and cannot be separated any further. We call these primary colors red, yellow and blue. Through continued experiments, it was learned this light could be combined to form other colors - orange of red and yellow; green of yellow and blue; purple of blue and red. The seemingly unlimited array of colors in all shades and hues can thus be conceived and created... This is an artist's most prized tool.
Even in ancient cultures of Egypt and China, chromotherapy was practiced. Through this use of colors to heal, it is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment...
Red... represents activity, energy, stamina, joy in living, sexuality and love. Therapeutic for supporting circulatory and metabolic systems; strengthening will power and keeping one active.
Orange... represents vitality, ambition, fertility, and erotic feelings. Therapeutic for adding balance and calmness; promoting the flow of energy.
Yellow... represents optimism, cheerfulness, success, generosity, satisfaction, and vital force. Therapeutic for stimulating all organs, increasing energy levels, strengthening the immune system; removing inhibitions and fear of relationships.
Green... represents warmheartedness, friendship, openness, freedom, harmony, peace, empathy, and self renewal. Therapeutic for harmonizing, detoxifying and regenerating; enhancing emotion, leading one to inner peace and strengthening the will to live.
Blue... represents faithfulness, loyalty, openness, freedom (light blue), responsibility and respect for others (dark blue). Therapeutic for calming, activating the digestive system and circulation of fluids in the body; relaxing and combating anxiety and discouragement.
Purple... represents insight, spirituality, transformation, determination, peace and devotion to others. Therapeutic for regulating respiration and strengthening digestion; inspiring, helping with grief and promoting serenity.
Black... represents detachment, seclusion, ignorance, pride, elegance and security. Therapeutic for dissolving blockages and tension, relieving pain; offering protection for the self.
White... represents purity, sincerity, clarity, innocence, truth, perfection and immortality. Therapeutic for helping with all deficiencies and weaknesses, providing energy and leading to self-realization.
Regardless of your intimate relationship with color, the reality is it saturates your world. It is all around you, permeating your mind through your body, into the depths of your soul. Surrender yourself and become immersed in this glorious day...
Color me beautiful... xoxo-Sonya

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