Surface interest...

by - Monday, September 11, 2017

A simple flower, a wayward glance passing a shop window, art within the walls of a museum, any or all can subconsciously plant a seed in your brain. You never really recognize the inspiration until it manifests. Sometimes it is obvious, others are discovered after dipping deeper below the surface.

On a recent visit to Storm King, though the white sculptures currently on view by David Smith highlighted a glorious stroll outdoors, stepping inside, another dimension of the exhibit provided expressive visual influence like no other. Creating glass beads, at times the thought process is unconscious and I simply produce on a whim. What is to follow here is a careful study of my own mental materialization. The patterns by Smith I photographed that day have been cropped simply to create focus. Many made a decorous impression in my mind carried through flamework beads in pattern and texture. The beads were made in a few studio sessions.

The glass colors I melted combined artfully as if on their own at my hand. Sometimes the intuitive process is quite simple and rests in just creating surface interest... xoxo-Sonya

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