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by - Monday, August 14, 2017

This year has been a huge conglomerate of milestone birthdays and anniversaries. The celebrations appointed a flurry of numbers our way, seemingly all increments of ten, and we still have four months of the year to go! 

Coincidentally, Robert and I share the same anniversary as our dear friends Ed and Janet, though ten years ahead of us. Their son hosted a wonderful summer soiree at their home surrounded by family and friends, so it was another occasion to present a thoughtful gift. The goal was to incorporate symbolic presents but also keep them simple and suitable for their decor. What I learned with a simple Google search:

30th Traditional Anniversary Gift: PEARL
Modern Gift: DIAMOND
Gemstone: PEARL
Flower: LILY
Most Popular Song 30 Years Ago: "WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN" - The Bangles
Average Price of Gasoline: $.90 / gallon (yeah, this one got me too!)

This was a very easy and elegant gift I created with some pearls, buttons, a hot glue gun and a printer. First, I purchased a very sleek mirror frame that had a deeper box so it could serve as a shallow shadowbox. It was for a 5x7 photo so I formatted the insert on my laptop to fit, positioning a simple clip art heart with the number 30 centered, our message, their names and anniversary date.

The pearl buttons were about 3/8" diameter and I followed the outline of the heart to glue them in place first determining the shape and basic size. Using tweezers to pick up the tiny pearls, I glued each one around inside and outside to complete the heart framing the number 30 peeking out from the background.

It was a bit tedious with the pearls. They seemed to have a mind of their own and kept rolling away! But persistence and patience prevailed and I was able to complete the project in time to pack it up with all the other goodies.

So we covered the traditional gift of pearls with the artwork and the Nicole Miller mother of pearl tray it was to be packaged in; the diamond gift was represented by the modern mirror frame; we included a boxed bottle of bubbly for them to celebrate accompanied by gift wrapped gourmet chocolates for the sweetness of the years; to cover the flower, lily of the valley hand soap, since they will need it to clean up after all the chocolate and champagne; and for lightning good luck, a white lantern filled with thirty dollars of lottery tickets.

Years come and go, but love and friendship still remain strong. Memories shared are priceless. Honor and cherish, 30 something... xoxo-Sonya

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