A fresh start...

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

While the weather outside has been seasonably stable, inside I have been captured in a flurry... of fonts, formatting and photos.

Before the holiday, I created and launched my new website. Quietly, it just slipped in under the radar, though much preparation went on behind the scenes for a many weeks beforehand. I am still configuring the redirects of my original site pages and refining SEO, all of which seems a language forcibly learned while immersed in a foreign land. There is always something to be learned, and each time I Google a question, new answers appear in abundance, some causing confusion, others providing clarity. It all depends on the day. Thank God I am a fast learner who loves a challenge.

With the cyber-lift, it was natural for me to change my blog templates too. Trend Spotlight is crisp and modern now, the background lighter with renewed focus on the mood boards, each compilation popping in the dynamic views. Visitors can actually choose how they wish to view the blog by selecting from a drop-down menu of seven different options including classic, magazine or timeslide. You are bound to find a preferred perspective.

This journal blog was more challenging. I have to apologize to anyone who has visited these posts over the last couple of weeks wondering why each time the appearance was different. I must have changed the background with a dozen or more images, continually testing the look on desktop and mobile, unsatisfied with each clicked preview. That's just how it is when you work on a site that is live. What I really needed was an entirely new template, and I found my answer from Beauty Templates. The clean look and enhanced placement of elements fit my vision and was easy for me to customize. Plus, it is completely responsive design so the pages look uniform on any screen whether viewed on your personal computer, MacBook Air or Android phone.

So here we are. I hope all of you enjoy the revamped format. I really love it! It's like slipping into the fabulous new outfit you got for Christmas! Nothing like a fresh start in a new year... xoxo-Sonya

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