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Void of expectation, there is much freedom to be enjoyed. In such a way, having an open mind, one can look and really see, rather than project and expect...

Ambling up and down the aisles of the New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, we stopped to admire the numerous paintings, sculpture, glass and classic jewels as one would in an art gallery or museum. So many beautiful representations of various classic periods were on display for collectors to purchase on Pier 94 and the time passed quickly during our venture. Though I love many of the Chagall, Picasso and Tiffany, the contemporary art discovered here stole my attention.

Something called out. Maybe it was in her eyes, her gaze upon me as I passed, or her poise. When I see art that illuminates feminine beauty, I am instinctively pulled closer, coaxed into the work, seeking freshness, spirit. I have always loved the female personified, especially in multiple medias.  I suppose there is something I inherently seek in the art to mirror some aspect of myself, stirring, awakening. The following pieces captured me. Three present-day artists are now my new favorites...

Last Look Back - mixed media on canvas, Christiaan Lieverse

Human beings are often my subject matter, mostly only the face. I paint extremely large portraits, which are not about trying to recreate an image, but about transmitting a feeling. I try to appeal to the empathy of the spectators and invite them to look for the story or motive behind the image. To achieve this I leave the emotion unclear, by painting contradictions: pride and consternation, pain and victory, coldness and empathy.Christiaan Lieverse

Helianthe - oil and acrylic on hand-knotted carpet with steel frame, Christiaan Lieverse

Ophelia - limited edition bronze, Michael James Talbot

By adding, I take away, in doing so I'm saying 'this aspect is important and this aspect can fade'. As so often in art, less is more. ~ Michael James Talbot

Solstice - limited edition bronze, Michael James Talbot

Pure Soul - mixed media on canvas, Niko Mathieu

My work is to paint souls. It is to entice the eye and the senses with sensual paintings which resonate with kaleidoscope colors. ~ Niko Mathieu

Pink Emotion - mixed media on canvas, Niko Mathieu 

She speaks, she moves, she is art... It is all about her... xoxo-Sonya

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