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by - Monday, September 05, 2016

We live in an image immersed society. Creating new ways to save and showcase those cherished memories has become very enterprising... 

It all started with a Christmas gift for my mother many, many years ago involving my laptop, a printer, some antique fabric, lace and ribbon. I cannot tell you how many Keepsake Pillows I have made to order over the years since for family remembrances, birthdays, anniversaries, and even dorm decor. Each pillow I make becomes a beautiful designer heirloom featuring personal photos, letters, logos and just about anything you can take a picture of, all combined into something soft and squeezable. I started to make traditional collages, antique in feeling, later developing a more contemporary interpretation, all beginning with the color mood. Building on the initial color choice of sepia, black and white, or color, I then coordinate a unique mix of fabric and trim from my extensive library to complement those unforgettable images. The large pillows measure approximately 11 1/2" wide x 15" high; smaller pillows are about 7" wide x 8 1/2" high. They can be rectangular or square, it all depends on the elements to be incorporated.  

This is the very first pillow made using light pink silk shantung, jacquard tapestry in shades of blush and mauve, antique embroidered chiffon and ecru lace patch-worked with photos of my grandparents reproduced on silk in sepia tones. The edging is a double ruffle of tea-dyed lace to match, The center photo of grandma as a young girl is accented with hand-rolled ribbon roses and golden pearls.

For a modern rendition, I constructed this  less frilly cushion with satin piping around the edge. Still using sepia photos, the alternating areas are embroidered suede, linen colored damask, point d'esprit, and ivory lace overlays all accented with petit point flowers in neutral shades of beige and brown. 

Using black and white photos alternating with scanned images of love letters, this is another contemporary take on the classic Keepsake Pillow. Pin-tucked satin in slate gray, Victorian tapestry, shimmering pewter lace overlays, and cotton shirt striping in dusty periwinkle accompany the images all transferred onto silk. The charcoal satin rose corsage on a bed of embroidered lace adds a finishing touch to the wedding portrait.

For a bit of fun in full color, this smaller Keepsake Pillow combines a photo of the young artist and her crayon drawing scanned and printed on cotton. With denim, a fanciful lace edging and some favorite charms, this pillow personifies the little lady and her individuality. 

And how can we forget our pets? Made in charcoal grey fleece, this Pet Pillow is great for additional members of the family. I constructed this one for Kit as a sample after so many requests. Two charming black and white photos were appliqued on the front pillow with his stenciled name and whimsical charms. On the back, an added denim pocket is perfect to fit his favorite treats! 

Picture perfect Keepsake Pillows... A little something made today to be cherished tomorrow and always... 

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