In flight...

by - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Of late, birds that cross overhead, around and in front of me I find very endearing. Wings outstretched, the hawks in the area effortlessly glide high above while the many bluebirds and tiny brown swallows flap feverishly to reach their destination on a nearby perch. I am fascinated by them. They all have somewhere important to go.While driving, some swoop down so low I think they will graze the car. But they don't and land out of view as I pass, surely safe before embarking to the next stop. Cruising along Route 202, we pass farms and pretty roadside homes. We are looking for a place to land, another branch.

We made it to Lambertville a little before 11 am, parked on the gravel and embarked on our day's adventure. Many of the outdoor tables at the Golden Nugget Antique Market were filled with a plethora of trinkets, wads of baubles, books and brick-a-brack. It is the thrill of the hunt for us, nothing particular in mind, just the anticipated excitement of finding treasure. Brenna loves old photos, so she sifted through a selection of encased mementos from one vendor while I delved into a tangled pile of jewelry from another. We learned most vendors are there very early, around 6:30 am and leave once the sun becomes too strong or blessed with satisfying morning sales. But as the sellers began to leave, we meandered indoors to discover two floors of more goodies. 

Bits and bobs create a perfect random assemblage for a snapshot.

Whenever I see photos like these, my heart aches a bit. So neatly assembled, labeled with names, children of a family, such care taken to preserve memories, and yet the keepsake wound up here for bargaining with strangers.

Assortments of old books, cloth covers, stained pages, bound links to a time long ago.

Looking for antique hardware for yesteryear accents in your home? You've come to the right place! Name your price for the perfect piece.

I was so excited to find this wheel of fortune! It reminded me of those great lazy summer weekends down the shore with friends on the boardwalk, placing quarters on the numbered strip in hopes of winning a fun prize.

At Publicks Antiques, proprietor Karen Publick expressed delight when I asked to photograph some of her wonderfully charming finds in a unique vignette here with an old typewriter. The whole aesthetic was quaint, stuffed with treasures galore!

 A window filled with a rainbow of colored glass, bright and beautiful.

 So many delicate statues to choose from, here her attention is with the bird on her wrist.

At Connie's Golden Shoppe, shelves upon shelves of Corningware were available, taking me back to my mom's kitchen in Hoboken then Secaucus. Since mom only owns the gold colored bowls, I was excited to see blue, green and even this. So pretty in pink!

Something for everyone, music lovers and art collectors alike, this Victrola  is manufactured by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

Russ Snyder restores old pinball machines with acute care so they can whiz with their original glory. There were several on display for sale in his department upstairs.

At the end of our excursion, we drove back into the heart of Lambertville to enjoy a very satisfying three course lunch at the Lambertville Station Restaurant. I ordered pan seared cod over a bed of spinach (my favorite!) after starting with a bowl of steamers in a light broth, and Brenna and I ended with angel food cake and fresh fruit. 

Our trip yielded several unique necklace chains I will carefully disassemble to create new adornments, while Brenna found a few Mucha posters she is saving for her dorm room decor.Our day started later than planned but so what? It's summertime, no one is punching a time clock, granting a couple months reprieve before off to college in August, in flight onto her next branch... xoxo-Sonya

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