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by - Monday, April 11, 2016

The intimate quality of things made entirely by hand! ~ Willa Cather

One summer scouring the Internet for an activity to keep my daughter and I entertained on a rainy day, I found a ceramics art studio a little less than an hour away by car. That afternoon's adventure acquainted me with my new favorite craft - mosaics. Since that day, I have learned to treasure our chipped china plates and broken bowls instead of hopelessly chucking them into the trash.

Mosaic Melange is the art of creating beauty from something broken. Seeking resurrection in a little something new to maintain its spirit, my mosaic creations are assembled of porcelain, china, shells, glass and resin tiles in a variety of colors and patterns. Placed prose personalize each special piece. Works include, but not limited to: frames, mirrors, plaques, tables and trays. Here is a gallery of items produced with love, patience and lots of bisque stained grout.

One With Life - porcelain

One With Life - natural shell



Sarah Moon heart

Mucha tile top bookshelf table

Bless You Always mirror

Rainy Day Kitty tray

Resurrected Belleek outdoor plaque 

Relax outdoor plaque

Frog plate outdoor patio table

Mosaic melange... crafting keepsakes one piece at a time... xoxo-Sonya

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