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by - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ugh... After a relentless search for a print inconveniently buried in the drawer, I grabbed one and just stuffed the mess of scarves back until a better time to go through them all. So many scarves, and quite frankly, I never really wore the big square ones. So what am I keeping them for? I love the patterns and many were cherished presents over the years, so I haven't wanted to just give them away. But if they are not going to be worn around my neck or donated, isn't there something else I can do with them?
Think, Sonya, think...

I came across this really stylish picture on Pinterest last year that sparked an idea. Let's take time to go through that drawer again... Since the designer scarves are in great shape, a sturdy fabric, and render elaborately colorful detailed patterns, how about I reconstruct and re-purpose them into something I will really use? With matching threads and simple sewing, these beauties can become colorful toppers I can wear over a t-shirt and jeans, a skirt or even shorts. A quick and easy project... Yeah, I like that idea... Let's do it! 


Aren't these pretty? All three scarves are 100% silk and large placed prints measuring from 34" to 36" square. All three gifts are probably very happy to finally see some light out of that drawer!

Laying the purple and silver floral scarf flat on the floor, it was easy to determine the center of the pattern as my guide for creating the "sleeves".

Folding each of the four corners, up from the bottom and down over from the top, the points are overlapping about 2" where it needs to be joined. I pinned both sections to determine where it should be sewn.

Here at the overlapped corners, I sewed a 2" x 2" x 1" triangle catching both point layers using the corner edges as a guide. 

And voila! Here is my "new" finished silk print shrug! Now let's make another one...

For this Celine scarf, I decided to fold over the top points a little differently. Draping the scarf on the mannequin this time, I measured a point down far enough on the adjacent side to create short cap "sleeves". I pinned it in place close to the edge and sewed 2" straight along the rolled hem to secure it.


The last scarf was made the same as the first one. I love this white background and navy blue border floral. It looks terrific with a crisp white t-shirt and a little something around my neck to match.

All ready for spring with the help of some rescued reclusive "remnants". Yep, it's a wrap!

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