Full steam ahead...

by - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Stepping out of reclusion, I am back...
It has been a very challenging five months, with my mother's health and well-being the top priority. After numerous weeks of rehab and residence with us, I am happy to say she is adjusting at home now while it is time for me to return to the mainstream. Back to school for Brenna, volunteering, researching colleges, and registering for standardized tests all as we bid adieu to this beautiful summer.
Amid transitions, the creative venture that kept me spirited has been preparing for Brenna's sixteenth birthday party this month. It is amazing that this young lady began her first journey home from the hospital as such a little peanut in a car seat that swallowed her up, to sprouting almost as tall as me, a junior in high school, about to turn 16... Where does this time go?
Timing the creative inspiration and development for her event started back in January assembling a Pinterest board for Steampunk party ideas, of course. Amid scissors, wax stamps, cardboard and craft paper, available moments have been spent making paper fans, pennant banners, stamping keys, and spray painting cans. Less than two weeks away, I am excited to share a peek into this creative journey through the many completed details for her Steampunk Sweet 16...

 First, invites were formally sent out via snail mail, wax sealed and Harry Potter stamped!

 The front of the invite adorned with gear-font initials (Gashu-Monsata@deviantART.com).

 The card is a folder with lots of goodies and details for the event.

  A little something about Steampunk so attendees can "gear up" for the party!

 A grand framed banner to greet guests upon arrival.

 A close-up of clock work for the cardboard drink menu.

 Everyone will be asked to sign the guest book and make a wish for Brenna.

A box to be filled with Wishes...

 Formal Steampunk attire requires a badge of honor.

 My original sketches for some of the decor.

 Paper fans on display.

 Top hats and antique cameras will add to the staged exhibits.

Get your picture taken, right this way!

 More original sketches for the photo booth picture wall.

 PVC pipes with wire and tiny wood pins for the gallery.

 Along with cans of fresh flowers, amber bottles are wrapped with burlap for ivory candles.

 Hand stamped skeleton keys for take-home favors.

 Yes, I even melted chocolate cogs for the cookies!

 A tiny pennant banner for the top of her cake.

Testing the 3-tier naked cake, Brenna, Robert and my mom all got to taste the fresh whipped cream with berries to make the final selection... Yum!

Well before you know, the thirteenth will be here! So much to finish next week, my daily schedule seems like an endless checklist of tasks. Despite that, I am really thrilled and cannot wait to share the final event photos. So until then, it's full steam ahead! xoxo-Sonya

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