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by - Sunday, March 23, 2014

When Brenna was younger, she often asked Robert and I about how to make one. After all, we did have a big tree in the farthest corner of the back yard, so why couldn't we build it up there? It would have been her hide-away, her special space to play, dream, imagine. Since then, the coveted tree was deemed unstable, so we had it taken down, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy which left it tilted dangerously toward our house. But it could have been an aspiring project to create an escape not-so-far-away from home, a wonderful way to expand living space on the property for young and old to enjoy, granted the municipality allows such a structure and the tree (or trees) is sturdy enough to withstand lots of traffic. Because if you are lucky enough to build such an abode, well, you will be lucky enough to have lots of company!

I find treehouses fascinating... Be In A Treehouse, the new book available this week by arboreal architect Pete Nelson, also of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, explores newer projects in this comprehensive storehouse of inspiration. If you are familiar with Nelson's labor, you know his passion has carved two previous works - New Treehouses of the World and Home Tree Home: Principles of Treehouse Construction and Other Tall Tales. Among the trio, you will be filled with enchantment and wanderlust while exploring this craft gaining more acclaim in today's DIY society.

From Nelson's books and a little internet hike, take a look at some of these magnificent, elegant, and quaint abodes that take camping up to a whole other level.

This magnificent house tucked in the woods of upstate New York accommodates four people, complete with running hot / cold water in the bathroom.

The master bedroom with all windows... Now this is being one-with-nature in style, wouldn't you say?

Stair construction is rather tricky and must be built to suit the tree and house it grants access to. Nelson's newest book provides basic treehouse construction with diagrams of current projects. But you can leave the plans behind and become...

An adventurous traveler, seeking a hide-away vacation, welcome to the Aqua Wellness Resort in Tola, Nicaragua, featuring a relaxing hot tub.

 Suspended amid older forest growth in Vancouver Island, Canada are Free Spirit Hanging Spheres. Do any of you remember the video game Myst? I am reminded of the worlds created with this treehouse.

Free Spirit Spheres are available for nightly rental or purchase. This is the bedroom...
And the bathroom with shower stall and running water. Cool, huh?

This multilevel treehouse in Washington, D.C. is very tall. Can you just imagine the views from the top floor? All levels are connected by an interior ladder.

You can see the cozy lounge area below from the sleeping loft above.

Now this one is a real gem... The New Zealand whimsical Yellow Treehouse Restaurant.
The restaurant seats about 30 people for their dining pleasure...

And to enjoy the night sky filled with stars.

Treehouse Point, Nelson's bed-and-breakfast he built in Issaquah, Washington, is a 290-square foot hide-away, complete with rope bridge.
Swiss style chalet just like living in a fairytale...
... With enough rooms to enjoy private space in the woods.
This certainly gives new meaning to camping in the air, wouldn't you say?... xoxo-Sonya

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