Sew where have you been?

by - Sunday, March 03, 2013

Happy March everyone! The snow has melted, birds are chirping wildly amid the trees (driving Kit absolutely crazy!), and you can just about feel spring in the air. Time to finish up those projects indoors and make a plan for all the outdoor stuff. AND this is the perfect time to kick off March as National Craft Month. Okay, let me pick from the endless list of projects. What to start with? First, send all the stuff from winter organizing to a new place of residence. 
How many of you have purchased t-shirts or sweatshirts from your eventful travels? All those road trips, ports of call and concerts can rack up a pretty penny in souvenirs over the years. I seem to always wear the same thing leaving the items bought buried all the way in the back of the closet or drawer, yet still find it difficult to part with. What to do? Well, I thought instead of donating them all to Good Will, how about donating to my sofa as a cozy trip down memory lane via cushions... Yep, let's make those sweatshirts into square throw pillows to spruce up the family room and basement sofas.
Colorful satin-stitch embroidered or printed fleece is the perfect fabric for cushions since it is easy to sew and stuff with minimal effort while furnishing maximum benefit. Fun memories and motifs add variety and a sentimental personal touch to your home's decor. Play with colors and themes based on your own collection. Since many of the sweatshirts we have are from places we've been, travel became the obvious theme. With jersey t-shirts from various concerts, you can create a group of music artist pillows, using the front and back to make them really funky yet functional.
Martha's Vineyard, Salem and even our honeymoon in Spain bring back lots of special memories while relaxing in front of  TV or just stretched out enjoying a good book with a cup of tea. Heck, even Kit has a favorite head rest when he's taking his daily snooze in the family room!
Whether they're ripped, become too small, or just time to depart, how about re-purposing them to a cozy new spot in your home. Better than lurking in the back of a dark closet...
Sew where have you been? xoxo-Sonya

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