World of Wonder...

by - Friday, December 07, 2012

After decorating our home for the holidays, it was time to surround ourselves in a world of wonder at Skylands Manor 24th Annual Holiday Open House.  The estate was decked and dazzled with lights and fanciful decor in every room. An impeccable attention to detail created a spirited visit as we perused at our leisure throughout the manor...
The entrance hall and grand staircase decorated with fresh evergreens from the grounds
In the Great Hall, the fairies were hard at work creating seasonal beauty!
A red and white Candyland wreathe sweetens the fireplace
At the far end of the great hall is the tall and colorful "Great Tree"
In the parlor, doors create the theme as passage into a world of wonder
Travel maps cleverly used to decorate creating unique vignettes in the room
Gift wrapped ornaments add charm to the tree
A tree in the Octagonal Hall boasts of the NJ Gardens that all can explore
This little critter is peeking out from inside the snow encrusted tree
Countdown until Christmas
Keys promote passage into a world of wonder
A World of Ice and Snow greet us in the study with the holiday dinner already enjoyed
Recycled icicles created with shredded bubble wrap, styrofoam and lights
Birds Around the World nesting in the library
Nature creates the best dressed presents
The bird's song is free, shared with all and enjoyed in our own backyards
Blue, white and silver bedazzling the dining room with a tree trimmed in silverware!
Such an exquisite breakfast room set to journey back to Christmas morning
A wonderful breakfast with all the tastes and smells of the holiday
Glistening in the back porch is a fantasy of fallen snow
Exploring a world of wonder will certainly make the holidays merry and bright... xoxo-Sonya

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