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Corset - John Galliano
With the popularity of Instagram, anyone can play the fashion photographer these days. Snap a shot of yourself in a mirror donning the latest score from Delia's and then add some filter effects... VOILA! Cool pics uploaded to your blog in seconds, followers commenting and liking them in abundance. Modern technology at its best. 
While the kids are at play with their iPhone 5s, professional photographer, Cathleen Naundorf spends her time playing too. Capturing haute couture fashion from a distinct point of view, this old-school photographer creates images with a dreamlike nostalgia, many with the look of slightly worn and tattered edges. Does she use Intagram? No... Cathleen has mastered the crucial art of lighting in photographing with large format cameras (4x5" and 8x10") using Polaroid film (yeah, kids, what's that?). Like a true artist, composition and technique is everything, and her photographs reflect a refined approach, much like classical painting, invoking a longing to rendezvous in the depths of the classic couturier's story.
Chez Bonaparte - Elle Saab
The Crying Game - Dior by John Galliano
Suddenly that Instagram album looks a little less impressive, huh?
Cathleen Naundorf is of German decent, her career beginning as a photo assistant in New York. Her travels have taken her to Singapore, Paris, Mongolia, Siberia and Brazil. The time abroad led her to a photography job for the Süddeutsche Zeitung which featured a fashion page all her own. Upon visiting couture designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier to ask for dresses to photograph, he was so impressed by her work that he gave her access to his entire collection. Since then, she has been shooting for Gaultier, Dior, Lacroix, Chanel, Elle Saab and Valentino.Her works in both color and black and white have been exhibited at several venues in Europe and the US, with publications of her haute couture series published by Rizzoli last year. Her most recent pursuit is found on the pages of UK Harper's Bazaar, January 2013 issue...
Harper's Bazaar,  January  2013
Harper's Bazaar, Valentino
4pm in London - Philip Treacy
Dior by John Galliano
La parisienne - Dior
My Little Darling - Dior by John Galliano
This one is my favorite... Secret Times - Chanel...
En Rose - Valentino
Definately not your average Insta-glam, hmmm?

"Every picture has a tale – and that's fascinating."~Cathleen Naundorf

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