Cuddles and hugs...

by - Friday, January 04, 2019

January is synonymous with cold temperatures and long winter nights. Though daylight is still short, it's beginning to linger with promise in the early evenings. This is my birthday month, so I take special care to foster a beginning of new habits and betterment routines. Once the holiday decorations are safely tucked back into their boxes, self-care reigns supreme. What promises have you made to yourself? Cuddles and hugs are high on my list. And do you know, there are two national holidays declared for just that. National Cuddle Up Day falls on January 6th, and National Hug Day follows later on the 21st.

Cuddling with your significant other, pet, or someone special has been proven to lift spirits and reduce stress. I am sure even our cat, Kit knows the benefits. Every time I meander to the family room couch for a moment of respite, his radar instinctively sends him over to join me. He especially loves to nestle in the crook of my bent legs atop the cozy throw. When we're not around, he often curls up in a fuzzy ball on the kitchen chair.

Though primary, cuddles and hugs are not only about human touch. Familiarity and routine arouse fond affection. Whenever I hear the kettle whistle, I know my favorite green tea with honey and lemon is just a cup away. Satisfied anticipation is soothing. A warm exchange can be experienced in savoring simple pleasures... stowing away under a cocoon of blankets, listening to a favorite song, reading the latest Victoria Magazine, contemplating old photos, or enjoying a scented bath aglow with candles, these experiences are hugs I can give myself.

Go ahead and snag your favorite person or even yourself, nest and enjoy languid time spent. January is a month of starts, betterment, care, cuddles and hugs. Enjoy the warmth... xoxo-Sonya 

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