A bride in Bennington...

by - Monday, July 30, 2018

Many years ago, a few of us college hooligans rode out of state for a weekend away from the bustle of our NYC trade school. The destination was a friend's family summer cottage where we explored the environs of Vermont. Fast forward to 2018, we are invited to our niece's wedding. This time, Vermont became a family excursion.


The trip from River Vale to Bennington clocked a three hour car ride, pleasant and placid, aside from the Instagram-worthy rolling hills and covered bridges we passed. Brenna booked a charming bed and breakfast just a stone's throw away from the wedding venue via Airbnb. Taraden was a beautiful respite from hectic northern New Jersey, and we lived the high life courtesy of our wonderful hosts, Bob and Nan Lowary.

Their bucolic grounds, home to four cats, one dog and several horses, afforded us time to breathe fresh air and recharge our internal batteries. With a daily morning welcome including homemade spinach quiche, zucchini cake, fresh fruits, and Vermont cheddar omelettes with mushrooms and home-grown squash, we started each day satisfied with sustenance to fuel our explorations.

Our first visit was a walk to the historic Park-McCullough House where the wedding was to be held on the grounds Saturday. Our docent, Patrice, was super attentive as she took us room by room through the beautiful  preserved Victorian mansion. We had the place to ourselves, exploring well before the bustle of the next day's merriment where tours were offered to interested guests beforehand. We meandered into the carriage house and formal gardens afterwards where the families were all abuzz setting up tables for the wedding.

There is a wealth of history in the community. A short drive dodging an afternoon thundershower brought us to the Bennington Museum, the Battle Monument site, and Bennington Potters where we splurged on a few gifts to bring back for friends, ourselves included. 

We took advantage of the close proximity and arrived to the ceremony with only a few moments to spare. Assembled in the garden, we heard the foreboding rumbles of thunder and said quick prayers for the clouds to pass. Too late! Just as the procession was to begin, the heavens opened in a tremendous downpour, and all hurried to shelter on the massive veranda. Well, after about twenty minutes, Plan B went into effect as we were ushered into the main hallway of the house. Erin and Brad were married on the grand staircase before us and the powers that be.

Of course, after vows were exchanged, skies cleared and photo-ops were quickly assembled in the sodden garden before another passing shower. At least the flora and foliage where dripping in saturated colors for their pictures! It didn't matter to the bride and groom since they donned cowboy boots, part of their wedding attire fitting the rustic country theme.

As you can see, the photo booth provided a wealth of entertainment for us! It was a lot of fun to grab a prop and pose as the snaps shot. And we made sure we signed the guestbook - individual Jenga wood blocks. What a great idea to create a cherished keepsake of a game they could play on a rainy day.

The carriage house was lit up with music and dancing into the evening. It was a humid day and guests were quick to tire, a few getting lost in the festivities with a perpetual drink in their hand. Though the after-party continued at a local bowling alley, we retired for the evening, sultry and satisfied to visit with old friends and new family.  

Back in our rooms, we slept like babies, moonlight poking through the window panes whilst resting for the trip home, dreaming weekend memories made of a bride in Bennington... xoxo-Sonya

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