The taste of Oriental persuasion...

by - Thursday, July 23, 2015

My first apartment had a distinct Asian flavor. I loved it. For this young professional, it was the culmination of things I admired and collected over years of travel to Hong Kong combined with fresh, eclectic style. As one of many enamored designers, the affair with enigmatic objects of the East dates way back to the 16th century, the earliest period of European contact with China. Decades of fashion, art, decor, textiles, accessories and film all have traces of this fascination and currently convene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's mega multi-media exhibit China: Through the Looking Glass. Yes, by the enormous size of this exhibit (three times as big as previous projects) you feel as if you have fallen into a extravagant "rabbit hole" of inspiration! 

Translated into Chinese as "Moon in the Water", the exhibit's name is a nod to Buddhism, suggesting something transcendent, reflective and inspiring. And that is exactly what this show is. Teaming the Costume Institute and Department of Asian Art, this elaborate show is "an inspiring mix of cultures, images and ideas that takes you on a truly cinematic journey," defines Tomas Campbell, director and CEO of the Met. 

Let me share a sampling of the musings we explored...

Wong Kar-Wai, the exhibit's artistic director, reflects, "This show has been a truly remarkable journey. One of the most fascinating parts of this journey for myself was the opportunity to revisit the Western perspective of China. Fashion designers took those distortions and created a new Western aesthetic. In this exhibition, we didn't shy away from these distortions because they are historical fact. Instead, we looked for areas of commonality. It is a celebration of fashion, cinema and creativity."

Experience your own taste of Oriental persuasion... Visit China: Through the Looking Glass, on display through August 16th... 

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