Sealed with a kiss...

by - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Imagine a time long ago, when loving correspondence was secretly written with the envelope's contents protected by a wax seal, insuring the recipient would be guaranteed the private passionate exchange. A broken seal implied a broken trust, for no one with integrity would tamper with a wax emblem. How could today's MSN messenger or Snapchat hold up against such an exchange?  It just isn't the same. I must have been born at another time, in another place to long for such delicacies of yesteryear...

Seals date back as far as 930 AD, serving as a mark of indisputable authenticity, just like a signature is recognized in the world today. Used by kings of long ago, new laws and proclamations always required the authoritative stamp of a seal. In Medieval Times, just about everyone had their own seal and royalty would own several for all their courts and officials. It was even common practice to destroy a person's seal once the owner died to prevent posthumous forgeries which explains the scarcity of such original emblems.

Today, using wax seals is as unnecessary as handwritten correspondence, and yet like so many old traditions, it is such a pleasurable practice, adding a bit of personal distinction and panache to your communication.

When Robert and I were married, I used gold wax initial seals encrusted on small ecru gift tags. This touch added character to our wedding favors - wrapped velvet books of poetry. The seals were tricky to create, concentrating on one at a time, for the delicate wax would crack easily. In fact, I remember I had to re-seal each of them with a coating of clear spray insuring they could last at least long enough for our guests to take them home!

For updated and more practical use, seals can now be made of hot wax easily melted in a hot glue gun. The "wax" melts quickly and the resulting stamp is pliable enough to withstand the post office shuffle as it travels to its destination. What a great development! This will definitely be the unique finishing touch to Brenna's Sweet 16 invitations...

The wax sticks are available in many different colors so you can coordinate the shade to suit the project. Just like ink, black and red wax are the most classic colors, but I recently picked up an assortment of metallic in silver, gold and copper, as well as pearl white and soft sage from Nostalgic Impressions. My favorite is the copper and I plan on using this for many more cards and correspondence.

These are so easy! Just fold and seal your envelope or card, melt the wax and dab a dime size spot where you want it, then just press the metal seal onto the wax. Gently pull away the metal seal, and you have just added an air of dignity, formality, and distinction to your letters. Use them when that weight is suitable and people will appreciate the touch of quality and style it delivers.

Here, adding that nostalgic touch, modern wax seals in a classic fleur de lis motif adorn my Take Heart Token ® note cards.
You can keep Twitter and email... I prefer my intimate correspondence sealed with a kiss... xoxo-Sonya

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