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by - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A chemical reaction appealing to the senses... Soft, aromatic, smooth...  
Ingredients used to create a bar of soap have certainly evolved from the time of the Babylonians in 2800 B.C, but the basic process remains elemental. Combining oils and fat with an alkali to create a bubbly reaction produces soap and glycerin. It is the quality of the base elements which begets a delightful beauty bar
Interestingly, the first soaps were believed to be used for cleaning textiles and fabric rather than the body. Bathing bars are credited to the Romans and the Celtics who notably discovered the benefits of personal hygiene around the beginning of the second century. Spain, Italy and the southern parts of France began making soap from olive oil later, proving this ingredient to be far superior for bathing and washing. In the eighth century, this became a lively trade with Northern Europe.
By the nineteenth century, Louis Pasteur affirmed the benefits of personal hygiene and Andrew Pears helped define soap as a "beautifying" cosmetic aid. Consequently, bathing slipped back into fashion and the demand for soap was higher than ever before, cleaning up new industry!
Today, luxurious bath bars are available in countless natural blends affordable for any purse. Whether in for a quick shower or lavishing a delightful soak in the tub, take a look at a little something I created with my limited edition line of bath items to pamper...
Each bar is hand wrapped in silk... Tuscan Sunrise is a nourishing blend of olive oil fused with sweet blooming citrus; Fantasy Island is a luxurious blend of coconut oil, Oriental musk and plum; Woodland Spa is an exfoliating blend of raw almond, sandalwood and forest floral.
Beauty bar bars, hand poured candles in painted sherry glasses and Mineral Bath Soak in Lavender Vanilla, Coconut Breeze and Eucalyptus Mint.
Feel Pampered gift packages of bath soap, mineral soak and vintage candle on a frosted glass vanity tray
My Private Time gift package with a set of 3 handmade note cards, leatherette journal, matching pen, mineral soak, candle and white rose melting bath petals
A little something to pamper...
 Rub a dub dub... a little something beautiful for the tub! xoxo-Sonya

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