Inside a winter garden...

by - Thursday, November 08, 2012

The daylight hours were spent reading, preparing the food that quickly defrosted, or sorting through clothes to be donated... 
Hurricane Sandy really walloped the east coast and many of us had to break out the candles to make it through the dark nights without power. No Internet, phone, TV or electricity was challenging at first, but liberating as well. The routines had to be broken and altered as everyone adjusted to a "new normal" for the prolonged lack of modern necessities. With so many families in extreme need of basics because they lost their homes and belongings, one project became gathering whatever I could to donate. Blankets, toiletries, and clothing were folded and packed to help.
While most of the items were in great condition, some of the wool sweaters I found had irreparable holes, yet I didn't want to throw them away. I figured those three casualties would do well for recycling in a different way... To create a winter garden of flowers...
Since all three were wool, I threw them in the washing machine, holes and all, with hot water and a bit of Woolite. This would shrink the knit, felting it, so that it could be cut and made into whatever without the worry of runs in dropped stitches. After a hot wash and hot tumble in the dryer, I started to cut circles and strips to create hand rolled flowers for stitching. With purple merino wool and oatmeal cashmere, the roses started to take shape. I used the dark green merino wool for the leaves.

Inside, a pretty winter garden began to grow of creative seeds and time well spent... xoxo-Sonya

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