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October 1993... I still remember sniffing the Yves St. Laurent foldout ad in Vogue. It smelled like a glass of Champagne, sophisticated and intoxicating. I rubbed it on my wrist that morning at the office, the apricot, nectarine and peach came on very tart, fruity and strong. By 3 o'clock, the scent was still noticeable each time my arm moved with then only a complicated touch of sweetness in the mix of coconut, cinnamon, litchi and vanilla notes. Never before did a fragrance really flood my senses while pitching my chemistry to perfection. It was emotional... I had to get over to Saks to buy it as soon as I could. This was the fragrance I can say I absolutely adore. Yes, that day at Saks it became my signature. How many of you have been faithful to the same fragrance for nineteen years? Now renamed Yvresse, it's still my signature scent despite continuous efforts to make a switch. But since that day, no other current fragrance can stir me up again quite like this one did.  
Rose water with a hint of talc...Grandma had her signature scent for as long as I can remember too. My mom still wears Tova, a top note of bergamot, middle notes of lavender and jasmine, and base notes of amber, sandalwood, and musk. Whenever I smell these perfumes, so many emotions and memories tied to these women are evoked. The power of scent is undeniable. Even animals live according to their sense of smell, using scents to mark territory and choose a mate. A woman’s scent can be incredibly powerful; it can even trigger physical and psychological changes in men. Perfume is more than a great sensory addition to an outfit. The perfect scent will enable you to leave your own mark on someone... lingering subtly in the room hours after you're gone, making everyone left behind inexplicably think of you, wishing you were still there...
The perfect perfume for you is the one that matches your personality and works with your body chemistry. Sound complicated? Well, actually it can be, even with all the endless scents to choose from wafting into the mainstream at your local beauty counter. It's a very personal quest to find the right one. The true essence (yes, pun intended) of fragrance selection begins with what you like and  in what the ingredients actually say...

Woodsy: Earthy, refreshing and energetic, these are great for causal, everyday wear. This family of perfumes are characterized by a woodsy scent, with hints of oak, moss and citrus. Step into a forest and these are the notes you will get. Think pine, cedar, sandalwood - scents that are earthy and musky. 
Fruity: Great for warm weather, these are fruity, spicy and tropical. Think fresh cut grass, crushed leaves and other fresh, cool scents that bring to mind the outdoors and open spaces.

Floral: Always a classic, floral perfumes are feminine and romantic. Probably the most popular scent option, floral perfumes contain the scent of either one flower (rose, gardenia, lavender) or a bouquet of several varieties.
Oceanic: These have a modern smell that uses synthetic elements to evoke the smells of the beach. These scents are influenced by the sea and evoke being by the ocean (sandy beach, salty air). Oceanic scents are clean, almost-masculine with hints of spice and citrus.
Orientals: Spicy and sexy, these scents are dominated by notes of vanilla, cinnamon and clove or heavy flowers. They tend to be muskier, small,  rich and slightly exotic. 
Every fragrance has three perfume "notes" – top, middle and base. The top note is what you smell right after application (mostly alcohol) and lasts for one minute. The body of the perfume is the middle note, which is acquired 5 to 30 minutes after application. The base note is how the scent smells after mixing with your skin and body, and is produced two hours after application. These three perfume notes are the reason why you shouldn’t purchase perfumes simply because they smelled lovely on someone else. Everyone’s skin will react differently with a perfume, producing middle and base notes unique to individual body chemistry. And the key is to wait... let the fragrance blend with your natural body oils and "speak'" to you.
Just like the perfect cocktail, perfume can leave your company intoxicated. Just find the right blend that works for you... xoxo-Sonya

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