A new door opens...

by - Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday afternoon we ended our holiday season with a family party heralding the New Year in celebration. It was a glorious afternoon with everyone here, and today was spent packing away the glittery glass and colorful porcelain until December. Time to move ahead, through the open door of 2012, with brush in hand once again.
Yes, I've been painting and preparing my showroom out of the spare bedroom. A place to showcase my creative specialties, available for you to come and explore.
Ideas abound for display and windows
I love the weathered and worn elegance in shades of combined tinted whites
Starting with research to compile my inspirational concept boards (above), I decided to select colors based on my hang tag's background. Within a shabby chic, patina-style atmosphere, the creme and alabaster elements will present an elegant canvas for my works...
Green walls painted over and glazed a cloudy softness. Wall to wall carpeting lifted and removed to reveal natural hardwood flooring perfect for a warm and inviting setting. Knotty pine furniture will receive a face lift with sculpted onlays for textural detail and "weathered" with a rubbing of dark and light wax.
First coat of Café Cream paint I finished late one night
Ragging glazed color on the first layer to create a softness with a hint of  fused color.

So much more to be done... I need to stay focused and effective. Stay tuned with the progress,  peeking in the new open door... xoxo-Sonya

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