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by - Friday, April 27, 2018

When I was a little girl, I remember having a View-Master with many colorful wheels of pictures to be enjoyed through its unique lens. One in particular was a travel disc of Barbie in exotic locations, the photos accompanied by audio tidbits describing places like Tahiti and the Redwood Forest. The rich 3-D images are still fresh in my memory even today. Keeping focused on the scene in front of my eyes through the viewer, I felt like I was really there, absorbed by color and sound as I clicked through the reels. 

Gulliver's Gate awakened kindred childhood feelings in me.

Most New Yorkers believe a whole planet exists in the City. Well, at Gulliver's Gate in the heart of Manhattan, they are definitely onto something! Gulliver’s Gate is currently the most technologically advanced and interactive museum of miniatures in the world. With a complimentary key given after paid admission at the door, you are free to explore over twenty five cities spanning five continents, discovering delightful details brought to life with astute action and touches of humor throughout.

All the photos posted here were taken from a recent visit to the museum. The people you see in the scenes are about .8 inches tall. Most elements are HO scale, which is 1:87. Visitors are encouraged to become a Model Citizen™. After having your whole body scanned, it will be recreated as a tiny figure and added to the permanent display. You will receive a passport giving you special pricing and access any time you want to come back. Citizenship is available to visitors from anywhere in the world.

Buildings, bearings and bridges bring visitors on a first-rate tour. All manners of transportation known to mankind – from horses and elephants to hot air balloons, jet planes and space shuttles are on display.

New York City, New England, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, all destinations are experienced during a casual stroll through this giant miniature marvel. If one area became a bit congested with visitors, we simply cast our gaze to another country across the aisle. 

Talk about humor, in this above photo I captured of Stonehenge, notice Doctor Who's blue police box Tardis just sitting there on the grass to the right, casually part of the action. It was so much fun to point out elements of surprise in unexpected places, and exchange our findings with each other along the tour.

The architectural details are fantastic, especially wondrous in such small scale. Busy streets are alive with a turn of your keepsake key, moving cars, chopping down trees and feeding chickens. You are actually sight-seeing, capturing slice-of-life scenes from so many different societies and seasons, all under one roof. 

So much to see, so much to enjoy, traveling around the world in eighty minutes is absolutely possible if you pass through Gulliver's Gate... xoxo-Sonya

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