Midnight garden...

by - Monday, November 20, 2017

Like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow; not many new of her struggle, but eventually all knew of her light. ~ Niki Rowe 

Sometimes when we venture just outside our comfort zone, beautiful things blossom. 

As a break from the traditional round beads with dotted flowers I create for my jewelry, I sculpted simple petaled blooms of multi-color glass in the studio. After twisting them off the mandrels and cleaning the bead release, they sat there on my work table beckoning to be gathered up. I swiftly obliged, eager to set aside another project puttering about the space.

With the darker-background floral trend continuing into Holiday 2017 and beyond, finding a suitable frame would be promising. Spying the lonesome strand of semi-precious gemstones entwined with antique gold, a revisit could surely complement the hues of these glass flowers, wouldn't it? Yes, it is a perfect fit.

Midnight blue, vitrified ivory, cadet, mauve, slate, amber and hints of citrine glass shape the focal florals. Secured to the necklace with a single round seed of mother of pearl, I want them to look as if they are floating amid the smooth stones, gracing a neckline with ease.

She lost herself in the trees among the ever-changing leaves. She wept beneath the wild sky as stars told stories of ancient times. The flowers grew towards her light, the river called her name at night. She could not live an ordinary life with the mysteries of the universe hidden in her eyes. ~ Christy Ann Martine

Fearless, fragile, and free-spirited as a wildflower, you are beautiful. ~ y.c.

Just a bit more work on the piece and a little something will be ready for the showroom and online. All is blooming quite beautifully in the midnight garden... xoxo-Sonya

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