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by - Monday, November 06, 2017

It is November and although I enjoy this Indian summer weather we've been experiencing, I long to wear my over-the-knee boots with a cozy sweater. I spent an hour last month transitioning my cedar drawers from light tank tops to chunky turtlenecks, so I am certainly prepared for Mother Nature's swift moment's notice.

There are a few newcomers recently joining my designer duds for the Fall 2017 season. As a lover of fashion and personal style, picking up trendy selections always conjures excitement at the beginning of a major temperature swing.

If you thought dots were just for spring, think again. They are popping up all over for fall! From jacquard knits to a variety of mixed sizes, dots will create a statement wherever you choose to showcase them. I remember my favorite black polka dot sheer stockings back in the 80's. They made any outfit sexy and stylish. If an abundance of dots are not on-point for you, think about adding a black and white silk scarf to round out your trendy outfit.

Faux fur is absolutely the way to go if you want to add a bit of funk to your fun fashion favorites this fall. It can be an elaborate color-block jacket or a simple solid vest thrown over athletic stripe trousers. Vintage inspiration is key and with a little personal flair, an outfit can be remodeled from a bore to coveted street beat. Now is the time to get your funk on!

If you plan on purchasing one pair of boots this season, make sure they are a lace-up style. In leather, tapestry, brocade, and even rubber, these traditional treads make granny proud while stepping up the fashion game. Don't be afraid to get bold with color and pattern. Make your feet happy and the center of attention this fall.

Remember I said I wanted to wear an oversized cozy sweater? Well the boxy shaped knits are continuing to dominate as long as they have a floral touch. Intarsia, jacquards, embroidery and even prints are heavy hitters, and if you pair it with those granny boots, well, you will be ready to bloom wherever your feet take you.

Hand in hand with the fur trend is anything with a pile. Plush surface velvet, corduroy, velveteen and crushed naps liven a dull everyday uniform with a bit of luxe. Leisure suits, overalls, and even shoes will upgrade your everyday with couture clout. Hmm, velvet granny boots anyone?

Perennial favorites continue to bloom in winter amid mysterious dark backgrounds of midnight blue and black. Bouquets of cabbage roses, hellebore, and stalks of freesia are combined in a positive / negative look for the fashion forward, and unexpected top / bottom mixes with heather gray. Pluck what you really like, there are so many to choose from, and don't forget to smell the roses along the way.

There is something seductive about modesty making a serious comeback. Covering a bygone era, buttoned-up banded collars, puffed leg-of-mutton sleeves and sumptuous draped bow ties concurrently reminisce and revamp. Still somewhat sexy when paired with a short leather skirt and high boots or cropped denim, the Victorian vamp remains on trend with the right touch of vintage.

No matter what the temperature, it is easy to fall in step with the trends... xoxo-Sonya 

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