by - Monday, August 01, 2016

Standing at the shoreline
Watching waves in the distance
Coming closer
It is windy,
I squint 
Instinctual protection from island air,
Unable to turn away 
The feat of nature before me.

There is quiet now...
Water so clear,
So blue,
So aqua,
Crisp in fact.

Tiny island 
I can see the sand beneath
Uneven color sketched with a haphazard brush,
Erratic and calming all the same. 

Sprays and foam cover my feet,
I reach down to pick up round remembrances 
Filling my pockets.

These baubles have been through hard times
Tumbled about in nature’s beautifully clumsy hands
Made stronger and smooth because of their plight
Such stories they can tell,
Gemstones to adorn my soul
In bleeding colors.

I can see the stark contrast in each jewel
Their cool fusion of color 
All reminders...

I am beautiful with my imperfections too…

Archipelago... Reminiscent of many tiny islands along a stretch of water, colors fuse into a harmonious blur of  sandy beach and blue shorelines. This 16" necklace of leather with bold hand flameworked glass beads and beautiful natural seashell pendant is stunningly quiet. Silver floral spacers and magnetic closure add to the charm. Available for purchase, see listing here.


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