Not too shabby...

by - Monday, February 22, 2016

Paint is magic for me. It can transform a chair, a room, or a box. It can be crisp, singular in color, or layered, made to look aged and loved. 
Though many years ago I fell in love with the postcard print these pieces were covered in, today they look busy, too cutesy and out of place, not to mention faded by sunlight and time. The hatbox and chest were certainly not ready for the curb. After all, I still needed a place for all my socks and jewelry! The solution? Once again, paint leads the alteration.

Before... Both the hatbox and jewelry chest were purchased from the same shop long ago, though at different times, covered in a conversational postcard print in muted mid-tone and dark shades. The chest has multi drawers for lots of accessories. Not a piece I wanted to part with yet!

After... First, I spray painted each with a matte ivory color to create a fresh canvas for whatever I wanted to do.With stencils and some acrylic paint, patterns were placed at random, layering leaves under script, then applying a free-hand painted floral. The entire box was painted except for the original leather handles.

Before... I removed all the drawers and sprayed them separately from the chest itself so it would have an even coat of fresh paint. Propped on a bucket raised it up so I could spray all the way down to the bottom of the base.

On the jewelry chest, I picked several of my favorite fashion and style quotes to hand-write onto the front and top of the chest in Sharpie. This really personalized it, and the words serve as daily reminders. 

Now they're not too shabby, huh? xoxo-Sonya

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