From countess to couturier...

by - Friday, February 19, 2016

Clothes, like good architecture, have to correspond to a rhythm of life. You can't be elegant without being graceful, and you can't be graceful if you're not at ease. ~ Jacqueline de Ribes

Her ease and elegance have guaranteed her position on the Best Dressed List since 1962. She has been told she resembles Nefertiti... How befitting to travel through the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Egyptian ruins to arrive at her exhibit The Art of Style. French countess and socialite, Jacqueline de Ribes, a style icon of the 50's and 60's, is certainly worthy of a show. From rich jacquard overcoats to frivolous ballgowns, this sampling of her wardrobe with digital backdrops of images from her life, indulges your exploration into her closet, captivated with leisure, fantasy and the pursuit of luxury. 

Parties were some of her favorite times. Costume balls and lavish dinner engagements, which were always commanded by her presence, inspired women to dress like her. Expressing a nonpariel personal aesthetic, she learned fit and form from the fashion masters through privileged access to the couture world in her twenties. She was often captured in film by American fashion and portrait photographer, Richard Avedon.

Encouraged by Yves St. Laurent, she launched her own line in 1981 at the age of 53, the first brand-driven label. Women wanted to echo her innate style, and what better way than to own accessible, elegant attire designed to embody this elite spirit

Glamorous people bring something to others. They are seductive, attractive - and it has nothing to do with frivolity. Glamour sticks to people. An object is not glamorous, but places where people go are glamorous. That's why New York is the glamour capitol of the world.

Style is what makes you different, it's your own stamp, a message about yourself.

From countess to couturier, signature style becomes a beauty to behold and inspire... xoxo-Sonya

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